Dad’s 50th Corset Cake

corsetMy dad’s 50th birthday party is tonight and my step-mom asked me to make him a “boob” cake.  Let’s just say I had a few reservations!  I have made one before and it was very adult in nature, so needless to say I didn’t really want to think of my dad and nipples in the same thought-EVER!  I decided to do a corset instead-still a little racy, but not XXX.  The body is chocolate fudge cake with mint chocolate chip filling and chocolate Italian meringue buttercream-the breasts are lemon with lemon curd filling (yes, I went there!) and vanilla Italian meringue buttercream.   All is covered in vanilla fondant.  Here’s the recipe for the mint chocolate chip filling-delicious!!

1 c heavy cream

3 T confectioners sugar

1 t Lorann mint chocolate chip oil

green food coloring

chocolate shavings (optional)

Whip the heavy cream, confectioners sugar, flavor oil, and food coloring until light and fluffy.  Add chocolate shavings.  I shave mine with a microplane so they are very small flecks of chocolate.  They are more for looks than taste.corset2

As you can see from the pictures I had a few problems.  On the bra part I had some cracking issues.  I was using a new fondant recipe I’ve been wanting to try and I think I must have done something wrong with it.  Overall it still turned out o.k. and I think he will really like it.


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